Nick Long's Chess Pages

"Life's too short for chess." - Henry James (1843-1916)


Chess Variants

  • atomic
  • crazyhouse
  • losing chess
  • reversed chess
            Nick Long's Atomic Chess Pages - since 2002
            A two-player bughouse variant - Crazyhouse Chess
            Forced captures - Losing Chess where you lose to win
			Flip the board - Reversed Chess where queening happens

Playing Chess on the Internet

Playing chess on the Internet has its own unique challenges and cultural milieu developed over the years. I've tried to capture snippets here and there.

Internet Chess Servers

In general - there's a lot of places you can play chess on the Internet on, but not a lot of Internet Chess Servers (ICSes).

Interfaces for ICSes (and tools)

A masive archive of older interfaces used to connect to ICSes and other useful tools for ICS play.

On Ratings

Rating systems have been used throughout chess history, but many people don't understand the systems utilized.

The ICS Interviews

An attempt to preserve the cultural history of chess players playing together in the early days of online chess.

The ICS Archives

Many chess players maintained their own websites about various topics - we have tried to preserve the best.

If you'd prefer a classic look, there's a lite version available (mainly the last version from 2008).

Lite Version